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10-29-15 Neighborhood Watch Updates

Neighborhood Watch News

We want to share 3 separate areas of information:

  1. Recent Alert-Id Bulletins
  2. Some Crime Prevention Reminders for the Upcoming Holidays
  3. Accessing NWP info on the HVHOA website


Sep 6     8:10PM     Larceny     5000 Block Carnoustie Dr
Sep 15     9:34PM     Assault & Battery     5900 Block Pembroke Dr
Sep 21     6:56PM     Residential Burglary     3200 Block Rose Vista Dr
Oct 5     11:29AM     Recovered Stolen Vehicle     Tamarisk Dr & Pembroke Dr
Oct 10     3:39PM     Assault & Battery     5800 Block Foxtail Dr
Oct 11     3:11PM     Shots     100 Block Hidden Valley Park
Oct 11     3:22PM     Residential Burglary     7100 Block Pembroke Dr
Oct 23     9:23AM     Shots     5900 Block Hidden Highlands Dr

The above information was taken from the recent AlertID bulletins. Of course, as usual, we do not have any additional details on these nor do we know if this is a complete listing of recent incidents. After our last email that was sent out on 9-8-15, a Hidden Valley resident contacted us to advise us 2 additional vehicle burglaries were NOT included in that last email. They occurred on Aug 7 & 8 in the 5100 Block of Sleepy Hollow Dr.

We wish we had additional and/or complete information for you but we let’s use this information as a reminder to increase our awareness of what is going on in our own area of the neighborhood.

Crime Prevention Reminders – Upcoming Holidays

As you know, several holidays are right around the corner!!! We have some great articles available on specific crime prevention for these wonderful times. You might find it worthwhile to browse through the articles on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Shopping and Christmas – a good time to refresh ourselves of some tips to keep these holidays wonderful and safe for our families. These articles, and other items of interest, are available on the HVHOA website – see the following article.

Accessing NWP Information on the HVHA Website

To get started, just click on the following link: Neighborhood Watch Program Access to this information is free and is available to everyone, whether you are or are not a HVHOA member or not. (However, consider joining the HVHOA, it is another valuable and in-expensive valuable resource.)

If you are already used to being on the HOA website, just check the taps along the top, click on the tap marked “Community” and you will see NWP on the drop down menu.

For those new to the website or for first time browser, you will locate our Main Menu on the right-hand side of our NWP pages. You will see these choices:

  • Recent Incidents
  • Sheriff’s Newsletters
  • Helpful Forms
  • Crime Prevention Articles
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Seasonal Crime Tips

Let’s work together to keep Hidden Valley safe! Most burglars look for the easy targets – let’s do those things that make it a little harder for them! LOCK UP, WATCH and OBSERVE and REPORT! Please share this email with your friends and neighbors.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee