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3-1-2016 Neighborhood Watch Updates

Neighborhood Watch News

What is our Neighborhood Watch Program?  Neighbors helping Neighbors!!  

We watch out for each other.  We are extra eyes and ears.  We learn how to make our homes and neighborhoods more secure.  We report activity that raises our suspicions.
We help each other.  We share information.

First, below is a summary of reported incidents received from AlertID for January & February 2016:
Jan 2    4:36PM            Drugs Possession                         Parkway Dr & Pembroke Dr
Jan 17   1:52AM            Driving Under the Influence     5900 Block Hidden Highlands Dr
Jan 27   3:53PM           Shots                                              6300 Block Hidden Highlands Dr
Jan 31   10:13PM          Vehicle Burglary                         6000 Block Meadow Edge Dr
Feb 27  11:13AM           Illegal Burning                            Parkway Dr & Hurst Park Rd
As you know from past experience, we do not receive details on these incidents.  We also believe there are more incidents happening in our neighborhoods that are NOT reflected here.  Some incidents are not reported – sometimes it may not seem worth it.  But, please report all suspicious incidents to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office – see the number below.

Second, we received notification from one of our residents on Stillmeadow Dr that a dog had been shot in the leg by a pellet.  This occurred yesterday, Monday, February 29.  This person asked us to inform the neighborhood and to find out if there have been any other similar issues reported.  (To date, we have not received any such reports.)

Third, there are many available resources and helpful tips for crime prevention and disaster preparedness on the Hidden Valley Homeowners Association’s website.  This is one of the many free benefits offered by the HVHA.  Take some time to click on the following link and browse through the various topics under the Community Area tab.  While there, if you are not already a member, consider joining the HVHA – it is only $25 for the year and very worthwhile.

In closing, we can help each other.  We are all extra eyes and ears for observing & reporting crime.  We can help each other in times of need.  Each of you is the BEST at knowing what is/is not suspicious in your own neighborhood.  PLEASE OBSERVE and REPORT all suspicious activity to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).  Obviously use 911 when appropriate but the non-emergency number to use is 785-WCSO (9276).

Let’s work together to keep Hidden Valley safe!   Please share this email with your friends and neighbors.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee