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4-29-2016 Neighborhood Watch Updates

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Our Neighborhood Watch Program promotes “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”  We watch out for each other.   We are extra eyes and ears and take action when we determine something is wrong.  We report those suspicious activities.   We share information.   We help each other and we are asking for your help now.

FIRST, with sharing information in mind, below is a listing of the reported incidents on AlertID for March and April that are within Hidden Valley:
Mar 6     3:00PM       Dirt Bike Incident     4 700 Block Parkway Dr
Mar 23   7:48PM       Alcohol Violations     6100 Block Mia Vista Dr
Apr 2    12:10PM       Destruction of Property     4200 Block of W Hidden Valley Dr
Apr 26   3:13PM        Residential Burglary     5600 Block E Hidden Valley Dr
Apr 26    6:29PM      Residential Burglary     2100 Block Parkway
Apr 28    8:51AM       Grand Theft Auto     2300 Block Silky Sullivan Ln

SECOND, We really NEED your help!  You may have knowledge that could help.  This is especially true concerning the last 2 listed incidents.  We have learned the following additional information that might help you remember some detail(s) that might be beneficial.

  • On the Parkway residential burglary, the Sheriff’s officer said it might have been a young kid, wearing Van shoes about size 6-7, who might have used a backpack to carry away the stolen items.  The burglary may have actually happened about 2pm because the neighbors said they heard the dog barking at that time.
  • The Silky Sullivan auto theft incident was a larger, more visible incident.  A white 2013 6’ x 10’ enclosed trailer (with a quad, a race kart, tools and racing equipment inside), an off-road buggy and another quad were all taken.
  • Did you see something that would help in resolving these cases????  These residents would truly appreciate our help.  Please contact the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office with any information that would help out.  The non-emergency contact number is 785-WCSO (9276).  We would also appreciate your responding to us on these or other incidents to help us better serve you.

THIRD, there are many available resources and helpful tips for crime prevention and disaster preparedness on the Hidden Valley Homeowners Association’s (HVHA) website.  This is one of the many free benefits offered by the HVHA.  Take some time to click on the following link and browse through the various topics under the Community Area tab.   While there, if you are not already a member, consider joining the HVHA – it is only $25 for the year and very worthwhile.

In closing, we can help each other.  We are all extra eyes and ears for observing & reporting crime.  We can help each other in times of need.  Each of you is the BEST at knowing what is/is not suspicious in your own neighborhood.  PLEASE OBSERVE and REPORT all suspicious activity to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).  Obviously use 911 when appropriate but the non-emergency number to use is
785-WCSO (9276). We NEED to be INVOLVED!

Let’s work together to keep Hidden Valley safe!   Please share this post with your friends and neighbors.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee