Neighborhood Watch Alert

4-7-15 Neighborhood Watch Updates

Seasons come and seasons go  –  just like the ‘bad guys’!!  Some come, some get caught, some move on but there are always some around to cause us some havoc!!


The following is a summary of incidents in Hidden Valley for the first 3 months of the year:

January – February  2015     Source = AlertID bulletins

  • Jan 4   3:06PM – Shots reported, Pembroke Dr and Man of War
  • Jan 20   5:59PM – Residential Burglary, 3500 Block E Hidden Valley Dr
  • Jan 26   7:11PM – Assault & Battery, 2100 Block Alphabet Dr
  • Jan 31   12:21AM – Residential Burglary, 2100 Block Parkway Dr
  • Feb 5   11:34AM – Shots reported, 6300 Block Hidden Highlands
  • Feb 5   1:12PM – Destruction of Property, 2800 Block Tamarisk Dr
  • Feb 9   9:36PM – Drug Offenses, 6100 Block Mia Vista Dr
  • Feb 15   3:01AM – Illegal Burning, Short Ln and Alexander Lake Rd
  • Feb 28   4:00PM – Grand Theft Auto, 5200 Block Sleepy Hollow Dr
  • Mar 14   4:14PM – Illegal Burning, 5600 Block E Hidden Valley Dr
  • Mar 14   8:01PM – Illegal Burning, 7200 Block Lingfield Dr
  • Mar 15   5:48AM – Destruction of Property, 7000 Block of Pembroke Dr
  • Mar 15   10:17AM – Destruction of Property, 6100 Block of E Hidden Valley Dr
  • Mar 27   1:53AM – Residential Burglary, 5700 Block of E Hidden Valley Dr
  • Mar 28   6:46PM – Shots reported, Parkway Dr & Pembroke Dr
  • Mar 30   12:37PM – Residential Burglary, 4800 Block Pembroke Dr

When you look through the variety of these incidents, it emphasizes how critical it is for all of us to be constantly alert, cautious and aware of our own activities around our homes.  Do we leave doors and windows unlocked? Are we alert to, and reporting, suspicious activities that we see and hear?  Have we trimmed those shrubs to open up view of our windows and doors from the street?  Do you leave your garage door up or your tool shed open when you are working in the backyard?  What about those newspapers or trash cans that are left out when one is away?

The ‘bad guys’ are going to take advantage of the easy target!  Make sure that it isn’t you!  Work with your trusted neighbors – share your travel plans, watch their homes in their absences.
Take some time to browse around the Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) pages on the Hidden Valley Homeowners website.  You do not need to be a member of the Hidden Valley Homeowners – these pages are available to anyone.

Please share this email with friends and neighbors – if they are not already getting this email, they can sign up (for free) on the website pages just mentioned.

Let us all work together to keep Hidden Valley safe.

  • Work with your neighbor and watch each other’s homes as though it were your own.
  • Make sure that no one in your area is advertising their absence.
  • Join our committee – we would love to hear your ideas.


Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee