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Neighborhood Watch Updates – May 20, 2016

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Just since April 26, we have had 5 cases of residential burglaries and 1 grand theft auto reported right here in Hidden Valley.  There have also been a couple of cases where unlocked vehicles were ransacked but nothing taken and many reported incidents down closer to the McCarran Blvd & Mira Loma area.  Plus, probably other incidents haven’t been reported.

Here is a listing of the reported recent incidents from AlertID:

Apr 26   3:13PM   Residential Burglary   5600 Block E Hidden Valley Dr

Apr 26   6:29PM   Residential Burglary    2100 Block Parkway

Apr 28   8:51AM   Grand Theft Auto   2300 Block Silky Sullivan Ln

May 9   4:18PM   Residential Burglary   5700 Block of Lone Horse Dr

May 17    6:00PM   Residential Burglary   5900 Block Hidden Highland Dr

May 19   10:46PM   Residential Burglary   900 Block Stillmeadow Dr

So take a few minutes and pretend to be the ‘bad’ person driving by your house and ask yourself “Does my home look like an easy target?”  Am I making the burglars’ life easy?  Is my house or vehicle unlocked?  Did I leave the garage door open?  Are there newspapers left in the driveway?  Are there bikes or tools left out in sight?   Etc., etc. etc.

There are many resources and helpful tips for crime prevention on the Hidden Valley Homeowners Associations’ (HVHA) website.  The HVHA sponsors our Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) and you will find the NWP information under the Community Area tab.  Click on the following website   While you are there, we also strongly urge you to join the HVHA (only $25 a year) if you are not already a member.

So, let’s all work on burglary prevention:

  • Lock your vehicles and your home
  • Ensure valuables are not visible
  • Evaluate your own home (see checklist on the website)
  • Check the website for other helpful tips and articles
  • Work with small groups in your neighborhood to look out for each other
  • Be more aware and alert to suspicious activity
  • REPORT suspicious activities to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Dispatch.  Obviously use 911 when appropriate but their non-emergency # is 785-WCSO (9276).  By reporting, it gives our WCSO officers ‘probable cause’ to stop & question individuals.

In closing, we can help each other.  We can’t stop all the burglaries but we can maybe prevent some and make it harder for the ‘bad guys’.  We are all extra eyes and ears and we need to take action when we determine something is wrong.  You are the BEST to know what is/is not suspicious on your own street and we need to report those suspicious activities.

Let’s work together to keep Hidden Valley safe!  Please share this email with your friends and neighbors.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee