Neighborhood Watch Alert

5-30-15 Neighborhood Watch Updates

Three areas of information to share with you in this article:

  1. Alert-Id Bulletins
  2. Warm Weather Tips
  3. NWP information on the HVHA website


It is exciting to report that there were no incidents of high level crime reported by AlertID for Hidden Valley during the months of April and May. However, this is not cause to become complacent and loose our diligent awareness of suspicious activities. There continue to be many incidents of high-level crime in our surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore, it is essential for us to remain cautious and continue to look out for the safety of ourselves and our neighborhood.


Now that we have some warm weather to enjoy, we just wanted to remind you of some tips to keep yourselves and your home safe during the spring/summer months.

Keep doors & windows locked: With warm weather, we are more apt to leave our doors & windows open and it is easy to go run a quick errand and leave them open. Even if at home, perhaps working in the backyard, keep those openings locked in the front.

Beware of home Improvement Scams: This sure is the season for the scam artists to drive through neighborhoods and to offer bargain prices on a variety of different home repairs or maintenance.

Keep ladders & gardening tools stored: These items can be easily used to gain entrance into your home. Be sure to securely store them after you used them.

Keep that “at home” look: When you plan to go on vacation or a long weekend away, ensure that your home will continue to look like it is occupied. Coordinate with your trusted neighbors to watch over your home. As an example, don’t make it an easy or be an obvious target for criminals by having newspapers left in the driveway, etc.

3 – NWP Information on the HVHA website:

We encourage you to browse through these NWP pages on the Hidden Valley Homeowners website. You do not need to be a member of the HOA (however, it is well worth it) to take advantage of this resource. Please take the time to click on this link for the NWP Home Page (NWP) pages and spend some time browsing those things we have available for you. We post articles of interest, the monthly Washoe County Sheriff’s Newsletter and Helpful Forms in evaluating your home.

Please share this email with friends and neighbors – if they are not already getting the NWP newsletter by email, they can sign up (for free) on sign up here.

Let us all work together to keep Hidden Valley safe.

  • Work with your neighbor and watch each other’s homes as though it were your own.
  • Make sure that no one in your area is advertising their absence.
  • Join our committee – we would love to hear your ideas.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee