Neighborhood Watch Alert

9-30-13 Neighborhood Watch Updates

Summer is changing into FALL but some things just do not seem to change. The “bad guys” just do not seem to change their “colors” or change into good guys. Please take a minute to review the most recent incidents reported on AlertID:

  • 09-03-13 3:00 pm  Residential Burglary  4100 Block Inwood Lane
  • 09-15-13 1:07 pm  Shots  9800 Block Alexander Lake Road
  • 09-19-13 12:35 pm  Residential Burglary  6100 Block Mia Vista Drive***
  • 09-24-13 11:25 am  Destruction of Property  3500 E Hidden Valley Drive
  • 09-27-13 11:45 am  Shots  2500 Block Parkway Drive

*** In this case, we do know a man, wearing a reflective style vest, went up to the front door and broke the window beside the front door lock. When he tried to open the door, a woman in the home screamed and he ran down and drove off in an older white station wagon type vehicle

Annoying as it is not to have any more details on these various cases, we can still remind ourselves to follow basic crime prevention practices. PLEASE WATCH & REPORT all strange or suspicious behaviors to the Washoe County Sheriff’s (WCSO) office at 832-4110 for non-emergency cases. Obviously, use 911 for emergencies.

On a different topic, some of you are preparing your yard for winter. Take advantage of this opportunity to trim back shrubberies that might be blocking the view of windows or front doors from the street. Let’s not give those bad guys a hiding place in the yard while someone might be driving by.

Let’s all do our part:

  • Keep your vehicles and homes LOCKED UP
  • Be careful of handling strangers at your front door
  • WATCH & OBSERVE – we are great eyes & ears for the WCSO!
  • Share/or update your travel plans and personal contact information with trusted neighbors
  • Watch each other’s home like it was yours!
  • Share this email with other friends, neighbors and family
  • Volunteer your ideas & energy and join our NWP planning group


Fran De Avila and Leon Mills, Your friendly NWP Co-Coordinators