A Survey From Commissioner Andriola

November 16, 2023

Meeting Follow-Up and a Survey, for HV Residents

On October 23, 2023, Washoe County Commissioner Clara Andriola met with members of the HVCA board and residents in Hidden Valley. We truly appreciate your attendance and contribution to this great community discussion!

Hidden Valley residents had expressed interest in safety on our streets and in our homes. So, along with Commissioner Andriola, County Engineer Dwayne Smith and Truckee River Flood Management Director George Robison were present to address concerns.

Mr. Smith spoke of current county efforts to deal with speeding on our wide streets as well as issues throughout the county. He revealed that, when money is available, the county will provide six traffic cushions on East Hidden Valley Drive. A PDF Mr. Smith’s of presentation slides is available here.

Mr. Robison discussed initiatives to reduce flooding of our homes and the status of raising Hidden Valley homes subject to flooding. A PDF of Mr. Robison’s presentation slides is available here.

Here is the Survey – Please Respond

During the meeting, Commissioner Andriola expressed a desire to know the concerns of our community. The Commissioner’s staff created a survey specifically for residents of Hidden Valley to share what is most important to them, for the purpose of future community meeting topics. Please respond to the Survey, linked here.

If you have the ability to spread the word, we would love it!

You can find the survey here: https://washoe-county-nv.civilspace.io/en/projects/hidden-valley-what-s-important-to-you/engagements/hidden-valley-washoe-county-what-is-important-to-you