More About HVHA Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch committee was formed in 2005, to provide direction in setting up a traditional Neighborhood Watch program with block captains and neighbor members. The traditional program was not well accepted so the committee adapted the current format which works well. The format now is made up of several neighborhood watch groups – neighbors working with their immediate neighbors – to exchange contact information and watch out for each other when someone is away for whatever reason. We do not have the traditional block captains structure.

The HVHA Neighborhood Watch committee has collected email addresses from interested residents, in order to send group emails whenever the committee is made aware of a situation that neighbors needed to know about. Residents have been urged to call the Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch number to report suspicious incidents and of course 911 for emergencies. In addition, our liaison officer, Deputy Teresa Aguila, would keep us informed through periodic emails of significant events in our district. The system has been fine-tuned over the years and is working well at this time.

With the launch of Alert ID, anyone can sign up on the their website to get notification of incidents within an area near their home or business, as they choose. The Alert ID notifications are general in nature and details. But you are alerted to the fact that an incident DID HAPPEN, and for that reason alone they are helpful. (Read more about Alert ID-My Neighborhood, on the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office website.)

Current committee members are Harry Waldman, Fran DeAvila, co-chairman, and Leon Mills, co-chairman. Our email address is