About Us

We are a Volunteer Community Organization

We are Not An “HOA”

We are a volunteer group of homeowners that take an interest in the neighborhood and take action to address outside issues that may affect it.

We have no CC&Rs. We have no authority over your neighbor’s purple house or the height of their weeds. Instead, we work to inform and preserve the community as a whole. Our influence lies in the leverage gained, over our long history of advocating for Hidden Valley.

You Have a Voice

Since the 1960s, the Alliance has been the voice of the community. We listen to, and are supported by, the majority of those who make their home in this quiet place.

Our large lots make this a sanctuary from the bustle of the urban areas. The minimally developed Virginia Range Mountains protect us from being overgrown and congested.

Hidden Valley is not just a collection of houses, it is a community. The quality of life enjoyed by its residents is a direct result of the hard work of the Volunteer Hidden Valley Community Alliance.

Your Membership Makes Our Work Possible

What We Do

If you’ve lived here for decades, you may already know about us. If you’ve just arrived, there’s no doubt some of our efforts have helped to make Hidden Valley the place you want to call home.

“How do my membership dollars benefit my community and me?”

Your $35 annual membership dues pay the Alliance’s basic operating expenses for insurance, taxes, website maintenance, etc. This small but essential amount allows us to meet those obligations and continue to advocate for our beautiful neighborhood.

As a primary benefit, you get dedicated volunteers, who keep up to date with issues that may negatively impact your property and quality of life. Those who volunteer do so selflessly and spend many hours attending local meetings, to voice your concerns and keep you informed.

  • They serve on the Washoe County Citizens Advisory Board (CAB), where they solicit your opinions and express them to the law makers.
  • They serve on various committees such as the Flood Project and Regional Transportation.

And that is just the beginning…

Benefits You Already Enjoy

Over the years, members of the Alliance have been hard at work on many local committees.

Local Development

They have been the voice of Hidden Valley in discussions with developers, to ensure we maintained our large lots and rural atmosphere.

Fighting Annexation

They have enjoined community members to fight against annexation, the loss to development of the UNR Main Station Farm, which represents the last green space in the valley.

HV Building Code

Allaince volunteers worked with Washoe County to include Hidden Valley modifiers in the building code. Preserving our rural feel, with large lots, no street lights and more.

Local Government

Hours have been spent negotiating with local governments on fire, flood, park, safety and road issues.

Road Issues

When it was inevitable that Veterans Parkway would be built, HVCA volunteers spent hours at meetings, ensuring that Hidden Valley would be protected from as many adverse impacts as possible.

Community Events

Sponsoring annual community events like the Parade of Lights, Summer Picnic, Easter Egg Hunt, and many more over the years.

Our Fire Station

Worked directly with Chief Moore and TMFPD to keep our local fire station here, in Hidden Valley.

Park Improvements

What was once our little community park has grown into a well-used regional park, with amenities the residents requested. Many of the improvements are a direct result of dedicated members working with Washoe County Parks personnel.

Wild Horses

Working with wild horse groups to help keep them free, protect their safety and the safety of our neighborhood.

We’re Still Here, Ready for 2022

2020-21: Despite Appearances, We Stayed Busy

Board members are aware that over the past two years, due to COVID19 restrictions and other issues, there has been a great lack of communication. Our email updates slowed to a trickle, there has been no newsletter to provide factual information, and our bank account dwindled as well. It is only reasonable that the community would think the Alliance had gone away.

But despite that appearance, members of the  Alliance continued to monitor and participate in civic and Alliance meetings via Zoom, etc. We also realized that HVCA was in dire need of rejuvenation. In addition to timely news updates, we need to better communicate our past, present and future value to the community.

Current plans include an updated website, a new and improved newsletter, an HV Disaster Preparedness Plan and renewal of the Neighborhood Watch program. If COVID restrictions abate, a summer picnic and more community gatherings are being considered.

Your Membership Keeps Us Going

Our work is not done, but we need your support!

The work of the Volunteer Hidden Valley Community Alliance is not done. With so much growth in the Truckee Meadows, we would argue it’s more important than ever. The Alliance can continue to be your voice and your membership makes that possible.

We have always been an organization of volunteers, dedicated to preserving the qualities that make Hidden Valley a wonderful place to live. We’re proud of our long history and so grateful to all those who have lent their time and talents along the way.

We need our homeowners to support the tireless efforts of the volunteers. With your help, membership and love for HV – we will continue or work.

Please Join or Renew today!