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Annual Garage Sale in Hidden Valley

Traditionally (for 32 years) the garage sale in Hidden Valley has been held on the third Saturday of August. At this time, there will be no ‘organized’ event, thus eliminating the $15.00 charge to participate. These fees were necessary to provide the following services, which will no longer be provided: Advertisement of the sale in the newspaper, the garage sale website listing the addresses and items for sale, the balloons and/or flags identifying those participating homes, printed maps, and Sani-Hut conveniences for attendees.

This change is largely due to the implication that HVHA was financially involved (which has never been the case) and could potentially pose a liability situation which HVHA and the Board are not willing to risk.

There are signs available for someone to ‘plant’ to remind residents of the sale day and someone could put an ad on Craig’s List at no cost. If organizations plan to do a fund raiser, they need to do their own advertising; likewise individual residents. The sale has been a much looked-forward to event each August and we hope it will continue through individual efforts.

by Margaret Scholl

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DisclaimerThe Hidden Valley Homeowners Association has not in the past and will not in the future organize the community Garage Sale. In 2014 there will be NO organized garage sale in the community.