Neighborhood Watch Alert

April 20 Neighborhood Watch Update

Current Neighborhood Watch Program Activities

Just as spring has brought new life and increased activities in our yards, it appears to have also brought an increased level of criminal activity to Hidden Valley. We are all aware of the long-standing, ongoing criminal activity in areas of close proximity to us – the apartment complexes on Mira Loma, the Mira Loma Park and the shopping area complex on Mira Loma and McCarran Blvd. However, so many of us have felt that our community was free of that level of crime. We cannot afford to remain complacent, we must work together to help ourselves. Please take a moment to review a partial listing of incidents that have occurred within the last 30 days in Hidden Valley:

04-15-13 8:42PM   Larceny   5600 Block E Hidden Valley Dr

04-14-13 11:58AM   Shots   Alexander Lake Rd and Short Ln

04-14-13 10:49AM   Illegal Burning   Alexander Lake Rd and Short Ln

04-12-13 1:53PM   Destruction of Property   4700 Block of Parkway Dr

04-11-13 7:51PM   Destruction of Property   5000 Block of Sleepy Hollow Dr

03-24-13 6:39PM   Shots   5100 Block of Sleepy Hollow Dr

In addition, there have been many, many cases outside of Hidden Valley but within 3 miles of our community – cases of Assault & Battery, Residential & Vehicle Burglaries and Destruction of Property. This is important because it appears to be “moving” into our community now. We must be VIGILANT and be ALERT to all suspicious activity and REPORT all to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).

In one case of “Destruction of Property” within Hidden Valley, it was graffiti on the garage door. Not the large, bold, spray-can version that might come to mind but small letters in the corner done possibly with a small marker. We were told that it looked to be a gang related approach – at first a house is marked as an easy target for another gang member for a later time.

We are also requesting that all cases of “Shots heard” be reported – Leon is working with the WCSO on this issue. In addition to the potential danger to our residents in the parks and on our walking trails, there is also a fire danger with all of our dry foliage.

Some other important reminders:

  • It was suggested to us that people check out what they are including in their e-mail auto reply message when out of town. Be sure that you are not advertising that you “out of town” or other information that would lead someone to learn your home is vacant.
  • As you do your spring pruning, trim shrubbery so your front door and windows are visible.
  • With warmer weather, remember to lock those doors and windows when running out to do a short errand.


  1. Please work with your neighbors to watch over each other’s homes – share your schedules & your current contact information and ensure that homes do not look unattended.
  2. REPORT, REPORT, REPORT all suspicious activities to our WCSO’s non-emergency dispatch of 832-4110 unless it is appropriate to call 911. Without your report, law enforcement cannot stop someone unless they personally witness suspicious activity. By having your report on file, it provides the “cause” for law enforcement to stop and question them.

Fran De Avila and Leon Mills
Neighborhood Watch Program Co-Chairs