Area Planning Documents

April 17, 2013

Land Development in Hidden Valley

When it became apparent that small lot development was being proposed for our semi-rural community, members of the Volunteer Hidden Valley Homeowners Association swung into action.

After many hours of negotiation with Washoe County staff, the Hidden Valley Modifiers were agreed upon. The modifiers were embedded in the Washoe County Development Code.

When Washoe County began working on area plans, members of the Association once again began negotiations to ensure the modifiers became a part of the Southeast Truckee Meadows Area Plan.

Links are provided for your convenience:

Southeast Truckee Meadows Area Plan

In the Southeast Truckee Meadows Area Plan, you will find a description of Hidden Valley on pages 3-4 and information pertaining to the full area throughout the document.

Washoe County Development Code

In the Washoe County Development Code, you will find the Hidden Valley Modifiers embedded in Article 212, Southeast Truckee Meadows Area Plan (SETMAP), Pages 212-1 through 212-6. If you contemplate changes to your property, it is wise to check the SETMAP to ensure that your ideas will be approved by Washoe County Planning and Development Department. Always check with Washoe County Building and Safety regarding required permits.

Truckee Meadows Regional Plan

The Truckee Meadows Regional Planning document controls development in the Truckee Meadows Region. The Regional Planning Governing Board is made up of elected officials from Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. The Regional Planning Commission members are appointed Planning Commissioners from the Planning Commissions of the three entities.