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City Council Approved UNR Main Station Farm Rezoning

As was reported, the Reno City Council voted to approve the rezoning of the 104 acres of fertile land fronting McCarran Blvd., over the objections of more than 100 people in attendance. In my opinion, and that of a lot of others, it is a travesty that the intelligent minds of the Board of Regents, […]

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How to Access

How to Access the Members Area

To gain access to the Members Area, your $25 membership dues must be paid for the current year and you also need to be registered on the website. If you have a username and password, that means you have already “registered” on the website. Please log in! If you don’t have a username and password, […]

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Washoe County Newsletter

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Board of County Commissioners Meetings

The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month beginning at 10 a.m. The meetings are held at the Washoe County Administration Building, Building A, Chambers. Items of interest to the community include discussion on budget issues, regional planning, fire issues and development code changes. The agendas […]

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