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Wild Horses Update September 2012

Wild Horses Update By Betsy Brownfield, HVHA Board Member For over a week now, I have not seen Junior, the lone horse that had been getting out on a daily basis. We had been working on the fence but he still managed to get out after being put back almost daily. We still couldn’t figure […]

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Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Big Clean-Up

Big Clean-Up and Picnic to Follow – May 12th 8:30 – 12 noon Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is co-sponsoring with “Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful” a clean-up in the Damonte Ranch backyard as part of the 2012 Great Clean Up. We need lots of volunteers because we’re covering a large area of approximately 100 […]

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13 Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Hidden Valley’s Wild Horses Wild horses have roamed the Nevada landscape for many generations. The eastern foothills, bordering Hidden Valley, are home to some of the historic Virginia Range herd. Years back, the horses used to roam the streets, grazing on lawns and leaving free fertilizer wherever they went. Hidden Valley was growing and not […]

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