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Welcome to the Community Page

This is public area of our website, available to anyone interested in Hidden Valley happenings. Please feel free to browse around!

Who we are:

We’re volunteer group of Hidden Valley residents, who take an interest in the neighborhood and take action to address outside issues that may affect it.

We are not a “homeowner’s association.”  We have no CC&Rs and a voluntary membership fee of only $35 per year. We’ve been looking out for Hidden Valley since the 1960s.

What we do:

If you’ve lived here for decades, you may already know about us. If you’ve just arrived, there’s no doubt some of our efforts have helped make Hidden Valley the place you want to call home.

We work to be the eyes and ears of Hidden Valley. We listen to our community and communicate those opinions, thoughts and ideas at the many civic meetings and events our committee members attend.

In the interest of strengthening our neighborhood bonds (and having a really good time), we also sponsor a number of annual social events.

Our long history means there’s a lot to know. To learn more, visit  About Us.

If you live in Hidden Valley, we invite you to join us!

If you have questions, comments or need help with this website or our association, contact us here.

Thanks for visiting,

Hidden Valley Community Alliance, Board and Committees