Daybreak Appeal to TMRPA June 11th

June 9, 2020
DAYBREAK Development

UPDATE from Kim Rhodemyre, Chair of the Upper South East Communities Coalition (USECC).

Daybreak Appeal to the Truckee Meadows Regional Governing Board

June 11th at 4:00 pm

We have finally been able to get actual concrete information on the Daybreak Appeal to the Truckee Meadows Regional Governing Board!  The meeting is going to be held JUNE 11TH AT 4:00 pm

We had been told that the meeting was going to be held with just the appellants and the applicants present, but we have just been informed today that the meeting is going to be on-line. (Public may attend via Zoom or YouTube, details below.)

We need your help!

We have been informed that the construction industry and some of the building unions are starting to send form letters in to the Governing Board members in support, and we need to step up our opposition!


Even if you have sent an email before, please resend as the emails are now over 2 months old!  Please send new correspondence with your opposition to the dangerous and destructive project.  It is vitally important that you email the Board members directly so we can get our comments to them as soon as possible!

  • Copy and paste these email addresses into your address bar:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Please indicate in the subject line, DAYBREAK OPPOSITION
  • Please include any or all of several reasons like, traffic, flooding, mercury etc.  Please put in your own words your reasons for asking for a denial of this project.

You can also call and leave a 3 minute voicemail with your comments at 775-321-8385 (please limit to 3 minutes).  Again, the development industry is starting to send in support emails and we need to have more than them!

We also need more signatures on our petition. If you have not signed, you have until June 10th to do so and get your friends and neighbors to sign too! Here is a link to our community petition:

Attend from home, via Zoom or YouTube

The meeting will be live on YouTube here:

Regional Planning Governing Board | June 11, 2020

Additional information on participating via Zoom here:

Members of the public wishing to participate in the digital meeting and provide either general public comment or comment on a specific item must fill out a “digital public comment card” form online.  Access to the form will be available starting at 9:00 am on the day of the meeting by visiting the website homepage.

  1. Options for video conference access using Zoom and/or telephone access to the online meeting will be provided to public commentators via email once a digital public comment card has been received by TMRPA staff.
  2. Public commentators will be afforded 3 minutes for comments

Please send this information to all of your friends and neighbors. Please try and get your HOAs to post on your Association’s website.

We need you Southeast Reno! Please help!  Thank you!


For detailed information on the June 11th meeting:  Download the meeting Agenda and Packet from the TMRPA website.

Kim Rhodemyre is Chair of  Upper South East Communities Coalition