Daybreak Development Back at Reno City Council on Wednesday Oct. 23

October 22, 2019
DAYBREAK Development

UPDATE from Kim Rhodemyre, Chair of the Upper South East Communities Coalition (USECC).

Daybreak is going to be back at Reno City Council on Wednesday October 23rd. This dangerous project will eliminate Steamboat Creek flood storage areas and it appears that they mislead the Council on their mercury testing, which could be dangerous to the entire area. Impacts on traffic, schools, infrastructure, police and fire area also a huge concern.

The following is a link to City of Reno Council, where you can also fill out a Public Comment Form

The agenda [for tomorrow’s meeting] is out and Daybreak is going to be item F 3.1 and F 3.2.  Another surprise is that Bella Vista Ranch Phase II is also on the agenda for the 23rd. That is the wetland area where the horses hang out by Rio Wrangler. That is going to be agenda item C.3.

Those sending emails should send them to all council members and city clerk to make sure your opposition is recorded correctly. This will also insure that all members of the council have your letters.

Please take 5 minutes to follow the instructions below and email council members directly. Emails that are sent through the website are not seen by the council, so direct contact is best.

Copy and paste the following, to the address bar in your email:;;;;;;

If you need a sample script or want to use this guideline: (copy and paste in body)

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

Your initial denial of this project in November of 2018 gave faith to the community that this council will stand up for existing residents and that the consideration of our safety is your primary concern. The vote on September 23rd was like a stab in the back. What change exactly in their new presentation gave you the ability to approve? Was it the 15% reduction in traffic? Because that basically means that you approved an 85% increase. Nothing else changed. They made some additional promises that they will not be in a position to keep, because they are just the land speculators, they are not the developers. The area in question is vital for flood water storage and is contaminated with mercury and is a danger to all the surrounding residents. That you fell for all the half truths and misleading statements from this land speculator showed that your judgement to protect me and my family might be in question. I ask that you vote no on this project. Failure to stand up to protect residents in this community will have a chilling impact on the region and will be a consideration in my ability to support any reelections.

(your name)


Please feel free to pass this update around to your interested neighbors for their help.