Guidelines for Handling Solicitors

Here is some information from the Sheriff’s office that may be useful. It is unlawful to operate as a peddler or solicitor within the unincorporated areas of the county without having first obtained a license from the Sheriff’s Department; except in the cases of (a) a person representing a business in the area which has a licensed fixed location; or (b) any person who is participating in a special event sponsored and sanctioned by a bona fide charitable organization.

Suggestions for homeowners to qualify an unknown caller at your door:

  • If they claim to be a neighbor and you wish to check this – ask to see the address on their driver’s license.
  • If they represent a business ad you wish to check, ask for a business card and call the office to confirm this person works for them.
  • If with a charity, ask to see something to identify their connection, i.e. handout materials, badge, etc. to confirm or call the charity.
  • If they have none of the above, ask to see a traveling merchant’s license from the Sheriff’s Department.
  • If they have none of the above, report the incident to the Sheriff’s Department (785-9276) or on-line at

A solicitor shall not contact, accost or approach for the purposes of solicitation anyone if requested not to do so, or, if there is paced in a conspicuous position near an entrance a sign such as “No Salesmen”, No Solicitors or Agents”, No Trespassing”, “No Peddlers or Agents”, etc.