Neighborhood Watch Alert

July 28 Neighborhood Watch Door-to-Door Solicitors

It must be that time again! Like lemonade stands in the summer, the door-to-door solicitors are back!!!!

We have received several reports of door-to-door solicitors from Quality First Home Improvement, Kirby Vacuums to someone selling something “unknown”. In that particular case, the resident asked the female solicitor for her business license. When she couldn’t produce it, the resident said she was calling the police which prompted the solicitor to take off running.

Because of these incidents, and probably others, we are sharing some information that we have learned from our Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) about handling solicitors at the door.

First of all, it is unlawful to operate as a solicitor or peddler within the unincorporated areas of the County without having first obtained a license from the WCSO; except in the cases of:

  • A person represents a business in the area which has a licensed fixed location
  • Any person who is participating in a special event sponsored and sanctioned by a bona fide charitable organization.

So, we offer these tips to help protect you and your family from the unwanted solicitors:

  • If you do not know the person, do not feel obligated to open the door
  • If you do open the door to talk and find you are not interested, simply say so then close and lock your door
  • Ask to see the solicitor’s business license or permit
  • Report to the WCSO if they refuse to show their documents
  • Look around for other persons/vehicles and observe any describing details
  • Post a “no solicitors” sign to help discourage the solicitors
  • Stand in front of your home to see what they might see, possibly valuables, and take care of that
  • If you experience any suspicious or strange activity, PLEASE call the WCSO at 832-4110 for a non-emergency

We are not suggesting everyone who comes to the door is a “bad guy”; however, we do want each of us to be alert, caution and to use good common sense. The biggest thing to help in this situation is to REPORT, REPORT, REPORT all suspicious solicitors to the WCSO.

We wish you a SAFE, SAFE summer!!!

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills (Co-Chairs of the Neighborhood Watch)