Neighborhood Watch Alert

June 3 Neighborhood Watch Update

Summer is here – a time when we like to relax, to enjoy the warmer months and, perhaps, take a vacation or two. However, the criminals do not seem to take those same breaks.

Here is a listing of the various incidents reported on AlertID since our last bulletin:

04-20-13 – 3:32 pm   Vehicle Burglary, 5300 Block Mira Loma Dr

04-27-13 -1:23 pm   Shots Reported, 6800 Block Pembroke Dr

05-05-13 – 1:02 am   Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor, 5900 Block Foxtail Dr

05-07-13 – 6:12 pm   Assault & Battery, 2900 Block Middlecoff Circle

05-11-13 – 7:19 pm   Subject with a Gun, Mira Loma Dr & W Hidden Valley Dr

05-24-13 – 9:25 am   Residential Burglary, 4100 Block Inwood Ln

Also, as in past reports, there continues to be a large number of incidents located just outside the perimeters of Hidden Valley but within a short distance of our community. Unfortunately, we do NOT have additional details on any of these cases, or of those listed above, that would help us know WHO to look out for, WHEN to be watching and WHAT vehicles or circumstances are involved.

Therefore, it takes ALL of us to WATCH, OBSERVE and REPORT all suspicious behaviors to the Washoe County Sheriff dispatch at 832-4110.

We need to be alert to certain crime trends that occur when the weather gets warmer:

  1. Home Improvement Scams: These are the repair persons who drive around and offer a bargain price for any kind of home repair (especially if you “sign today”). Always ask to see their documents of a license authorizing them to do business in Washoe County. Normally, reputable home improvement companies do not spend the extra money to solicit door-to-door.
  2. Deception Burglaries: Suspects generally work in pairs and use the approach of a legitimate worker from a local utility, tree trimmer, etc. One suspect distracts the resident while the second quietly enters the home at another entrance.
  3. Residential & Vehicle Burglaries: The best deterrent is the use of locks and keys. It is wonderful to let that fresh air into our homes but just because we are home or working in the yard doesn’t mean we should not keep things locked up. Open doors and windows are open invitations to criminals.

IMPORTANT: Neighborhood Awareness = The Key to Crime Prevention

We believe good neighbors are our BEST crime prevention tool. Watchful eyes in the neighborhood can spot criminals and report them to our dispatch.

Please keep a check on your neighbors. Help each other during your times away from your homes – picking up newspapers, bringing in trash cans and keep yards looking like someone is home.

We wish you a safe, safe summer!

Fran De Avila and Leon Mills
Neighborhood Watch Program Co-Chairs