Neighborhood Watch Alert

March 9 Neighborhood Watch Update

Summary of NWP Incidents – March 9, 2013

We have not heard of much criminal activity in Hidden Valley through the last few months. We have seen MANY reports of incidents down along McCarran Blvd and the apartment complexes on Mira Loma but have not felt the impact here in Hidden Valley. The problem, when we do not hear about much criminal activity, is how easy it is to become complacent and let our guards down. However, things are happening and we do need to remain alert and aware of suspicious activities. So, please take a minute to review the variety of activities that we have seen through the AlertID bulletins:

In Hidden Valley:

02-02-13 12:02 PM Assault & Battery 4700 Block of Parkway Dr (Park address)

02-03-13 12:11 AM Shots 5500 Block of St Andrews Dr

02-04-13 2:33 PM Residential Burglary 6000 Block of Mia Vista Dr (Changed to 01-31-13 Grand Larceny)

02-19-13 5:59 PM Recovered Stolen Vehicle 2900 Block of Fairwood Dr

02-20-13 5:55 PM Vehicle Burglary 3000 Block Creekwood Dr

03-08-13 9:07 PM Residential Burglary 3300 Block of Sleepy Hollow Dr

Incidents at the apartment complexes at the 4500/4600 Block of Mira Loma during February:

  • 2 residential burglaries
  • 1 fight
  • 2 destruction of property

As usual, we do NOT have any details on the above incidents – but – we need to use these incidents as a reminder that “they” are still out there. Statistics indicate that a burglary occurs somewhere in the USA every 15.4 seconds. Take a few minutes and check over your home and see if it needs some attention – the easiest way to “target harden” your home is:

  • Install dead bolt locks
  • Have proper & adequate lighting
  • Have the right landscaping
  • Control access to your home

Some other reminders that are easy and also extremely beneficial:

  • Ensure you lock your windows and doors each time you leave your home
  • Make sure things of value are not visible
  • Keep/update your inventory of important items (record serial #’s and take photos)
  • Don’t advertise your new “toys” by leaving the cardboard visible in the trash
  • Work with your trusted neighbors to watch over each other’s home when away

In addition to those things we can control, we need to be aware and alert to all suspicious activities and REPORT, REPORT them to our Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) at the non-emergency dispatch number 832-4110.

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Neighborhood Watch Program Co-Chairs