Mira Loma Closure Extended

April 28, 2018
Mira Loma Closure Extended

Reno/Sparks SouthEast Connector – RTC Project posted this new item on April 27 2018

Mira Loma Closure Extended

Due to a utilities issue, the Mira Loma closure has been extended through June 2, 2018. The work being conducted is underground, so for the safety of workers and drivers it is necessary to keep the road closed until this work can be carefully completed.

Mira Loma Dr. has been closed at the project limits for approximately a month for construction of the new intersection. During this time, the project team has been grading and laying base in preparation for paving, relocating existing and installing new utilities, placing curb and gutter, and pouring concrete for medians and sidewalk.

The extended closure will have no impact to the project’s overall completion date. The continued patience and understanding of the community during our construction is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Mira Loma Closure Extended

Left: On Mira Loma Dr., intersection progress looking east. Right: On Veterans Pkwy., aerial view of intersection progress looking north.

Chipping Operations on Mira Loma Bridge

Beginning next week, Heron’s Landing residents closest to the Mira Loma Bridge can expect to hear “chipping” noise coming from concrete work on the bridge. The noise level is expected to be minimal (at its loudest, comparable to a lawnmower from 100-feet away). The project team will be monitoring the sound level during the day. Concrete chipping will last most of the week between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Visit the SouthEast Connector website to view the RTC’s  loudness comparison chart, to see other comparisons of construction activities to typical daily activities.

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