Neighborhood Watch Program

For a Safer Community

Our Hidden Valley Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) was formed in 2005, to help us help ourselves to prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

As a reminder to long-time HV residents, and an introduction for new residents: The Neighborhood Watch program was an active and vital community resource, from its inception through 2016. With increased crime in the Truckee Meadows, it’s time to revive this practical approach to crime prevention.

As in the past, posts will include tips for the safety of your home and property.

Our Self-Styled Neighborhood Watch

The national Neighborhood Watch program with a pyramid chart of a Captain and then neighborhood and block captains, wasn’t well received. What did work for HV was a system of neighbors getting to know a few neighbors on either side of them and those across the street. Neighbors in that group would then get to know other neighbors beyond, and repeated along a block. It is an effective way for neighborhoods to work together and report suspicious activity.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Benefits in Participating in Neighborhood Watch:

  • Deter criminal activity through increased awareness and reporting to law enforcement.
  • Build bonds with our neighbors, as people look out for one another.
  • Reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.

Resources from your NWP Committee:

  • Information on how to observe and report suspicious activities in our community.
  • Inform residents of activities happening in the neighborhoods.
  • Tips and resources, for the safety of your home and property.

Neighborhood Watch Post Categories:

Helpful Forms:

Neighborhood Watch Alert

Telephone Tree

Neighborhood Watch Alert

Household Inventory

Neighborhood Watch Alert

Home Security Checklist