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Neighborhood Watch Updates – June 11, 2016

Neighborhood Watch News

Recent Break-Ins and Protecting Your Property

We are continuing to see an increase of criminal activity here in Hidden Valley. During the 3 months of January, February & March, we had 7 reported* incidents, in April – 5 reported* incidents and in May alone – 9 reported* incidents listed below: (*AlertID)

  • May 4 5:32 PM   Destruction of Prop   Herons Cir and Herons Landing Dr
  • May 9 4:18PM   Residential Burglary   5700 Block of Lone Horse Dr
  • May 17 6:00PM   Residential Burglary   5900 Block Hidden Highland Dr
  • May 19 10:46PM   Residential Burglary   5900 Block Stillmeadow Dr
  • May 23 1:00AM   Vehicle Burglary   6200 Block Pebble Beach Dr
  • May 23 6:35AM   Grand Theft Auto   5500 Block Cypress Point Dr
  • May 23 8:14AM   Recovered Stolen Auto   Carnoustie Dr & Cypress Point Dr
  • May 24 1:06PM   Fight   4600 Block W Hidden Valley Dr
  • May 25 11:34AM   Drugs – possession   6100 Block Mia Vista Dr

This increase is most concerning because we know that not all incidents are being reported* to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office nor have all of their cases been posted on AlertID* yet. So these numbers are just a glimpse of the real issue we residents are facing.

Home Protection:
There have been numerous suggestions through previous emails and articles in our Hidden Valley Homeowners’ monthly Newsletters on how to secure your home. In addition to those, Leon has found another great article on the internet which was posted by the Tucson Police Department. Their Home Security Survey covers many safety features with illustrations that can be accomplished by a handy resident and others that may require the assistance of a professional. This survey can be found on our NWP pages haer, on the Hidden Valley Homeowners’ website.

Vehicle Protection:
We can minimize our chances of being a victim of auto theft by reminding ourselves and our family members of some common sense suggestions:

  • Always roll up the windows and LOCK the vehicle – even in your driveway
  • NEVER leave your keys in the ignition
  • NEVER leave things of value in plain sight
  • Don’t leave credit cards, wallets or other things of value in your vehicle
  • Park in busy, well-lighted areas

Small Neighborhood Watch Groups:
We can be our own BEST prevention. Follow basic crime prevention tips at your own home and, also, work as a team with a small group of trusted neighbors. You all know what is ‘normal’ for your street and what is not. Work with each other, share telephone numbers, share your plans when you are going to be gone, watch over each other’s property as though it was your own, increase your awareness and observe and REPORT all suspicious activities to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) at 785-WCSO (9276) or 911 if an emergency.

Available NWP Resources:
There are many resources and helpful tips for crime prevention here, on the Hidden Valley Homeowners Association’s (HVHA) website. The HVHA sponsors our Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) and you will find the NWP information under the Community Area tab. Click on the links, you will find the The Home Survey mentioned above and so many other hints to review.

While you are here, we also strongly urge you to join the HVHA (only $25 a year) if you are not already a member.

Let’s work together to keep Hidden Valley safe!  Please share this email with your friends and neighbors.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fran De Avila & Leon Mills
Co-chairs of the HVHA Neighborhood Watch Committee