Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt Was Huge Fun!

April 16, 2023
Easter Egg Hunt_2

Sunday in the Park, with the Easter Bunny

April 2, 2023 – On a bright, sunny Palm Sunday morning, families gathered in the Mia Vista Neighborhood Park.

The stage was set. Hundreds of plastic eggs, filled with goodies, were carefully placed in the park by HVCA volunteers. Prizes were waiting in a nearby location. Kids played on the playground equipment and eagerly awaited the signal, to begin the hunt.

Egg Hunt 3Happily, there were 45 children who romped, squealed, shouted and laughed as they searched in the grassy area, in the trees and shrubs, for the coveted eggs that held a note to claim a special prize.

As is the custom, the littlest ones went first and found their bounty with the help of parents. Then came the next age group and finally the older kids.

They sat on the grass and carefully opened the eggs looking for a treasure. In the end, the kids with prize notes claimed their toy, but they all had lots of candy to spoil their dinners. It was great to see the kids who found more than one prize egg share a prize with someone who was not so lucky.

Of all the things the Hidden Valley Community Alliance does throughout the year, this is the most rewarding for the Board and the families. More than a collection of homes, we are a community of families.

by Marge Frandsen, HVCA President