Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights 2016 Winners

The 34th Annual Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Parade of Lights

Winners for 2016


Thank you for participating in this year’s Hidden Valley Parade of Lights. This event gives our neighborhood a good sense of identity and puts smiles on the faces of our children, families and neighbors.  We truly appreciate all those who entered. Awards have been given to these top ten homes:

  • 1ST    PLACE       113  Mia Vista Court
  • 2ND   PLACE     7155  Pebble Beach Drive.
  • 3RD   PLACE     3735  Jagged Rock Road
  • 4TH   PLACE     5599  Saint Andrews Drive
  • 5TH   PLACE     2960  Man of War Drive
  • 6TH   PLACE     5665  East Hidden Valley Drive
  • 7TH   PLACE     4401  West Hidden Valley Drive
  • 8TH   PLACE     6017  Clear Creek Drive
  • 9TH   PLACE     2845  Parkway Drive
  • 10TH  PLACE    6014  Clear Creek Drive
Need a map of Hidden Valley? Click Here.

There are many other spectacular light displays throughout Hidden Valley, most notably at the corner of Sequoia and Saint Andrews (the co-chairs of this event).

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated.  Enjoy with family and friends until New Years Day.  Happy Holiday Season to all.