Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights 2017 Winners

The 35th Annual Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Parade of Lights

Winners for 2017

Season’s Greetings

Thank you all, for your participation in this year’s Hidden Valley Parade Of Lights. The parade of lights gives our neighborhood a good sense of identity and puts smiles on the faces of our children, families and neighbors. Below is a list of this years top ten houses.

  • 1st    Place      113       Mia Vista Ct.
  • 2nd   Place     7155     Pebble Beach Dr.
  • 3rd   Place      3735     Jagged Rock Rd.
  • 4th   Place      2960     Man Of War Dr.
  • 5th   Place      5665     E.Hidden Valley Dr.
  • 6th   Place      5455     Hidden Green Pt.
  • 7th   Place      6017     Clearcreek Dr.
  • 8th   Place      2845     Parkway Dr.
  • 9th   Place      3425     Shawnee Cir.
  • 10th Place      6012     Clear Creek Dr.
Need a map of Hidden Valley? Click Here.

And here are the winners of our inaugural CLUC-500 (500 lights and fewer) contest:

The 1st Annual Hidden ValleyWinners for 2017

  • 1st    Place      2835 Parkway Dr.
  • 2nd   Place     6040 E Hidden Valley Dr.
  • 3rd    Place     3990 Saint Andrews Dr.
  • 4th    Place     5820 Stillmeadow Dr.
Need a map of Hidden Valley? Click Here.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to all who participated.

Happy Holiday Season to all and have a great New Year!