Preventing Fires – Be Prepared

June 12, 2020
Brush Fire at night

In Case of Fire, a Good Plan Can Reduce Loss

Since the Truckee Meadows has seen many dry years, it is extremely important that Hidden Valley residents stay vigilant about preventing fires and to be prepared in case there is one.

We’ve discussed various helpful websites before but I want to highlight, which brings much information to one spot.


This site provides many links with good information on being prepared with emergency exit bags, planning for evacuation, where to meet offsite, and preparations involving pets. Visit the site soon and make your plan for yourself and with your neighbors. Not everyone may be home at the time of a fire and, if you have a developed a plan that all of you follow, much can be saved.

In case of emergency, follow the directions of the first responders. They will be connected to the Washoe County Emergency Center and will have more information about what is happening.


by Leon Mills