MSEWall uffakerNarrowsBridge

RTC SouthEast Connector Project Update April 28

Reno/Sparks SouthEast Connector – RTC Project posted this new item on April 28, 2017

MSE Wall Constructed at Huffaker Narrows Bridge

A mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall is under construction at Huffaker Narrows Bridge. The wall will retain backfill material for the bridge approach, and create a smaller approach footprint versus sloping-back the fill. This smaller footprint equates to less fill material placed in the floodway and more room for flood waters to spread out. The wall, at its highest peak, will be 25-feet-high and is 120-feet-long.

MSEWall uffakerNarrowsBridge

The aesthetic design of the wall was selected by the project’s Community Working Group (CWG). The CWG was comprised of a diverse group of citizens representing community-wide organizations and neighborhoods to develop community-based decisions on the project throughout the design process.


Photographic rendering of Huffaker Narrows Bridge once completed. The MSE wall is visible on the left side of the image.

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