September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

September 9, 2013
Disaster Preparedness Month

If anyone believes that our only threat to Hidden Valley is a grassland fire, then they missed the wake-up call we had the last week of August when we had a 4.2 earthquake centered close by in Spanish Springs.

When a fire or flood occurs, there might be time to gather belongings, kids, and pets and make a hasty exit to safety. That is if you prepared beforehand and act per plan. What happens though, if we have an earthquake which gives no warning and blocks in and out access. Are you prepared to shelter-in-place?

September is National Disaster Preparedness month so you’ll be seeing links to safety web sites, and disaster plans to follow. The local Agencies have created a combined process with a dedicated event center to deal with emergency situations and their various web sites have been highlighted in previous newsletters.

Here is a web site at which is FEMA’s site that closely parallels information presented before and they offer free downloads of their material. Topics covered are Individual and Family plans, Business Resources, and Ready Kids publications. Visit the site and add their material to your preparedness plan now before it’s needed. The site is user friendly and material is presented in several languages.

by Leon Mills, Co-Chair, Neighborhood Watch