Tips for Garage Sales

November 9, 2015

Excerpt from Hidden Valley Homeowners Newsletter, July 2010

The Hidden Valley Annual Garage Sale is normally scheduled for mid-August, so we thought it prudent to list some tips so you have time to “study” them prior to the day of the garage sale. Most of them are common sense and you’ll say that it could never happen to you… I did. But last year, I had several specialty antique car items for sale and my wife and I were watching closely but we both got distracted and an expensive item “walked off”.

Tips for Garage Sales:

  • Never man the sale alone if at all possible.
  • Keep an eye on the cash box and empty it from time to time and put the money in the house.
  • Be firm with people. They are used to hearing no and will try to wear you down.
  • Watch your stuff. People shoplift at garage sales just like anywhere else.
  • Place expensive items near you, usually by the checkout table. ( Now I figure that out!!!)
  • Lock the doors to your home. Do not allow shoppers into your home for any reason.
  • Do not answer questions about alarm systems, daytime/nighttime occupancy, etc.
  • Have a phone on your person to report any suspicious activity.
  • Put up an “ALL SALES FINAL” sign.
  • Have “SOLD” signs available to tag those items someone may need to come back for with a truck
  • Expect early birds to show up, but don’t be pressured to open early if you don’t want to. Early birds can be a PITA—but that’s garage sale life.
  • If your garage sale is in the back, have all windows and doors in front closed and locked. If it’s in the front of the house, lock up the back.
  • Don’t broadcast how much money you’ve generated through sales, and don’t broadcast how you’ve sold unbelievable amounts of stuff at the sale. The wrong person could be listening.
  • Cash sales only, no matter how sweet Grandma looks.
  • Train your hawk eyes, most people are honest, but you’ll find some who stuff things inside other merchandise to get two or three items for the price of one.

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