TMRPA Hidden Valley Presentation 4-21-22

April 29, 2022

Regional Planning in the Truckee Meadows

Follow-up and Resources from our April Homeowners Meeting

Jeremy Smith, Director of Truckee Meadows Regional Plan Agency (TMRPA) attended our April 21st homeowners meeting, to give an excellent and informative presentation to our Association Board and members.

The Director spoke about his role including; housing strategy for Truckee Meadows, how growth is tracked and projected, the Day Break (now sold to Toll Brothers) development impact, and Sunny Hills Ranchos proposed changes to Mia Vista entrance area at HV Park. He shared his presentation slides for publication on our website (see below), and more information can be found at

The attentiveness of the audience during Jeremy’s presentation, questions and conversations, showed the information was of great interest and timely. With approximately 50 homeowners in attendance, his candid responses to concerns expressed were much appreciated. His ability to bring highly technical information to an audience not expecting “straight talk” from a government official, was exceptional. There were many positive comments at the end of the meeting.

Presentation Slides

Click right/left arrows to move through the presentation. Click the image to view larger.  Use the button below to download all slides as a PDF document.

Follow-Up Answers to Questions from the meeting:  from Jeremy Smith, Director, TMRPA (submitted via email)


1.  Acreage for Sunny Hills Ranchos

TRMPA-AnswerPic* statistics based on assessor parcel information where: owner = Sunny Hills Ranchos


2.  Identified sustainable water resources per Chapter 2 of the Regional Water Management Plan are now reported at 190,580 acre feet annually.  That can be found on Page 2-1 of the plan.