Transfer All Virginia Range Horses Into Private Ownership?

April 10, 2018
Virginia Range horses

Recently, the Nevada Department of Agriculture Board of Directors issued a controversial Request for Proposal (RFP), offering to transfer all Virginia Range horses into private ownership. If accomplished, it could mean that many of the horses would be removed from the range and sold for slaughter.

Lance Gilman, the owner/developer of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and long-time Virginia Range horse advocate, prepared the Open Letter (posted below). It was published in the Reno Gazette Journal and clearly intended for the governor’s attention. The letter lays out the argument for renewed efforts, by the Nevada Department of Agriculture and horse advocacy groups, to come to a new cooperative agreement and to not proceed with the RFP.

HVHA believes this letter is well done and of interest to many Hidden Valley residents.

download letter as pdf


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download letter as pdf