USECC – Pembroke Recreational Complex

Rosewood Lakes to become Pembroke Recreational Complex: Was Heard at City Council April 26, 2017

On April 26th the City of Reno approved one company to hold community meetings regarding what is going to be called the Pembroke Recreational Complex. This company was approved to go out to the community and get input regarding the transformation of the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course into a sports complex. We understand there is to be almost a dozen baseball fields, some soccer fields, walking trail, a possible multi use building and possibly some golf in the area that is the RLGC and the undeveloped city properties that are north of Pembroke.

It is our understanding that this company only has permission from the City to get community feedback at this time and that nothing has been approved yet. Apparently this company is to use it’s own funds for development. Keep an eye out for the community meetings to get more information!

Information courtesy of: Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc