Virginia Range Mustangs License Plate Low Number Auction – Dec. 16-24

December 19, 2019
Virginia Range Mustangs License Plate

The time has finally come for the online auction of the Special Series Numbers 0001 through 0099 of the “Historic Virginia Range Mustangs” Special License Plate!

This is a unique opportunity to make an end of year donation to your choice of one of five local Virginia Range wild horse non-profit organizations AND do your bidding best to obtain one (or more) of the Nevada DMV “Historic Virginia Range Mustangs” license plates, with Special Series Plate Numbers 0001-0099.

You could have a genuine low numbered license plate that says how much you love and care about the Virginia Range Mustangs!


of SERIES NUMBERS 0001 through 0099
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HISTORIC Virginia Range Mustangs LICENSE PLATE

Virginia Range Mustangs License Plate

The online auction will start at 12:00 pm (noon) Monday, December 16, 2019 and run through closing time of 12:00 pm (noon) Tuesday, December 24, 2019.

As you may already know, proceeds from the sale of these plates go to fund special projects to protect, preserve, promote, and rescue our historic Virginia Range Mustangs!

The winning bidders of this online auction will have the honor and bragging rights to say, “I support our local Mustangs!” by adorning their vehicle with their low numbered “Historic Virginia Range Mustangs” license plate.

Pick your favorite number and get ready to bid!

(Winning bids do not include standard DMV fees for licensing and special plates.)

For more details and to place your bid, please go to: