Wild Horse Update June 2013

Last month, along with about 30 other advocates, I attend a legislative committee hearing regarding the insertion of language into AB264, giving the State Agriculture Department permission to have cooperative agreements with advocate groups into the bill AB264 and making it illegal to feed the wild horses. It was so great to see that there was no opposition to the Bill by those testifying.

It was voted and passed, allowing the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign to work with the department for our long awaited second cooperative agreement. Not only will we have first choice to purchase horses that have been rounded up but also we will be able to manage them as well. This is such great news and so many wonderful hard working volunteers have reason to celebrate!!

On Memorial weekend, several of us from our group, made the beautiful drive to Taylorsville, CA, to watch the finals in the Extreme Rescue Makeover. This group is from California and they offered a $5,000.00 prize for the winning trainer in this competition. They had six months to train an unhandled rescue horse. It was amazing to see what these people have done. Just like our mustangs, these horses have a much greater chance to be adopted once they are saddle broken. The Horse Plus Humane Society will be doing this again and they have agreed to use our Mustangs that we own for the next round of horses. This is SO exciting and once trainers and horses have been picked, I’ll give you the website so you can follow their progress.

After the RTC meeting at the Elementary School, I followed up with Garth Oksol regarding all the fencing taken down and giving the horses straight access to alfalfa fields. He had promised the RTC would maintain the fences during construction of Southeast Connector. I met him out on Clean Water Way to come up with a plan to maintain fencing. He will discuss it with the contractor and have them install temporary fencing and gates that will be closed when there is no activity there. It is a huge mess there right now with one- way traffic, tents, cranes, and a lot of truck traffic. Very sad sight and once that moves to Pembroke it will cause a lot of delays.

On Memorial Day, I had the pleasure of giving a group of people from Australia a tour of our Wild Horses. These folks are part of the rescue group in their country who save the Brumbies (Wild Horses). They were so impressed with what we are doing and shared the same frustrations they have with government over there. Unfortunately, they shoot many of the Brumbies which have no protection. After they left here they were inspired to keep up the fight by rescuing and training as many of them as they can.

All donations to our 501 (c) 3 are greatly appreciated. Your tax deductible check should be made out to HV Wild Horse Protection Fund and mailed to HV Wild Horse Protection Fund, PO Box 20052, Reno, NV 89515.

by Betsy Brownfield, Board Member