Wild Horses

December 15, 2021
13 Wild Horses

Hidden Valley’s Wild Horses

Wild horses have roamed the Nevada landscape for many generations. The eastern foothills, bordering Hidden Valley, are home to some of the historic Virginia Range herd.

Years back, the horses used to roam the streets, grazing on lawns and leaving free fertilizer wherever they went. Hidden Valley was growing and not everyone enjoyed the horses. After several devastating accidents between man and horse, residents agreed to build a fence to keep them out.

From 1996 until present, a group of volunteers continue to repair, build and maintain the fence lines and cattle guards plus work with local and state governments to ensure the horses will be here in the years to come. These volunteers also keep a close eye on the bands’ health, grazing availability, herd horses away from roadways and developments back to safe areas and help sick and injured horses.

In 2008, volunteers formed a 501(c)3 non-profit: Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund. Their only funding is through donations and is made up of volunteers. Anyone wishing to volunteer or find out more about our organization, please visit our website to send an email, make a donation or get involved. We’d love to hear from you!

by Betsy Brownfield